About Us

A few words about who we are and what we do


A team of professionals with more than 15 years experience in management systems, auditing and certification.

Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, we are a certification body providing management system certification services in the South-Eastern European Region. Our goal is to add value to our customers through competence and experience and help them use management systems as a tool for continual improvement of performance.

We know that impartiality is vital to deliver certification that provides trust and we are committed to undertake our certification activities impartially. Our policy on impartiality is available here.

We assume responsibility for our certification decisions but it is important to specify that the responsibility for the conformity of the management with applicable requirements belongs to the organization seeking certification and not to RIGCERT. We are responsible to assess sufficient evidence during audits to base our decisions regarding certification.

Our management system certification activities are performed according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and the other relevant parts of ISO/IEC 17021 standard; IAF Mandatory Documents and European Accreditation EA relevant publications and that has been confirmed by the Greek National Accreditation Body ESYD through accreditation certificate no.1099 available here. Full detail on our accreditation can be found on ESYD website.