ISO 37001

Anti-bribery management systems

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away. No one's immune to bribery" Joanne Harris

Bribery is a widespread phenomenon that hinders society development, erodes justice, distorts competition, increases the costs of doing business, diminishes the quality of products and services, destroys trust in institutions and can lead to loss of life and property.

Governments and institutions made progress in fighting bribery through national legislation as well as international agreements, but law alone is not enough to prevent, identify and fight this problem.

ISO has developed this standard to be used by any organization, no matter its size or activity, in defining and implementing controls to prevent, detect and fight bribery.

The anti-bribery management system can be implemented as stand alone or, it can be integrated into an existing management system of the organization.

ISO 37001 addresses the two aspects of bribery: bribery by the organization or its business partners and bribery of the organization.

The standard offers flexibility and can be implemented by organizations from the public or private sectors as well as not-for-profit entities.

Certification to ISO 37001 demonstrates the organization’s commitment to prevent and fight bribery, shows openess for external auditing on this sensible topic and the preocupation in propagating anti-bribery throughout its supply chain.

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