Our accreditation

RIGCERT is accredited for management systems certification by the Greek National Accreditation Body ESYD, as per accreditation certificate no. 1099 available here, and the details of our accreditation can be consulted on ESYD website.

ESYD is one of the founding members of EA (European Accreditation), is a member of IAF (International Accreditation Forum)  and a signatory of all relevant MLA (Multilateral Recognition Arrangements) protcols.

The certificates issued by RIGCERT under ESYD accreditation are recognized within the European Union as well as on all other relevant markets around the world.

Accreditation for management systems certification.

Why is accreditation important

Accreditation represents an attestation of the fact that an entity (e.g. certification body, laboratory) holds the required competence, objectivity and independence to perform specific conformity evaluation tasks.

Accreditation is obtained following a rigorous assessment process and certification bodies have to continue to comply with standards and other relevant documents in order to maintain their accreditation.

Accreditation brings value to certifications, provides trust on the competence of the issuing certification body and ensures recognition of certifications by all interested parties.

European Regulation 765/ 2008

In the European Union Regulation 765 defines the requirements for accreditation and specifies explicitly that each member state appoints a single national accreditation body. If it looks for accreditation, a certification entity shall apply to the national accreditation body of the state where it is established.

European Regulation (EC) 765 recognizes the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation, (www.european-accreditation.org) as the association of national accreditation bodies in Europe that defines common rules for applying international standards with the aim of ensuring that a certification issued by an accredited certification body in one member state is recognized in all the other member states.

Recognition of certifications. How accreditation provides recognition

Certificates issued by certification bodies accredited by an accreditation body member of EA (European Accreditation) and IAF (International Accreditation Forum) are recognized by all interested parties (customers, authorities, business partners, etc) on all relevant markets around the world.

It’s important when choosing a certification body to ensure that it is accredited and the accreditation is obtained from an accreditation body member of EA and IAF.

The list of accreditation bodies members of the European Accreditation (EA) is available here.

The list of accreditation bodies members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is available here.

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Which are the components of the P-D-C-A cycle?
What represents a requirement determined as not applicable to the QMS as per ISO 9001:2015?
Which of the following can be considered post-delivery activities according to ISO 9001:2015?
What is the frequency for internal audits required by ISO 9001:2015?
Which of the following statements is true?

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1. What is the relation between environmental aspects and impacts?
2. Which statement is true according to ISO 14001:2015?
3. The corrective action is?
4. As per ISO 14001:2015 compliance obligations refer to:
5. For determining environmental aspects purposes, the life cycle of a product may include stages like:

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1. The occupational health and safety policy
2. What represents a “near-miss”?
2. OHSAS 18001 requires:
4. Which of the following statements is false?
5. As per OHSAS 18001 the health and safety of visitors to the workplace represents the responsibility of the organization?

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1. What represents the Statement of Applicability?
2. In case the same person is responsible for both initiating and approving specific transactions, what information security control is not respected?
3. In case the organization decides to outsource software development does it have any responsibility to monitor the activity of its subcontractor(s) in terms of information security?
4. The decision to accept a security risk represents an option for treatment?
5. What is the principle of independence related to internal audits referring to?