Confidentiality policy

1. Introduction

This policy defines the conditions for using webpaged administered by RIGCERT M.IKE, 4 Leontos Sofou, Thessaloniki, Greece.

By visiting this page you accept the terms and conditions of this policy. In case you do not agree with the conditions here, please leave the website.

RIGCERT M.IKE makes efforts to provide a pleasant experience while browsing our website and respects your confidentiality.


2. Copyright

All information published on this website is property of RIGCERT M.IKE and cannot be reused without approval from the owner.

Abusive use of this website or the use meant to alter  the content hosted here is forbidden.


3. Confidentiality

Protection of data provided throughout this website is a major concern of RIGCERT. Still the website may include links to other websites whose content is not controlled by us and for which we cannot guarantee confidentiality. Although we carefully the links published on our website, we do not assume responsibility for the content of websites outside our control.


4. Collecting and protecting data

When you access our website, the server records automatically your ISP and the IP address you use.

Information provided to us by filling forms on the website (like your name, e-mail address, certificate number or telephone) are used exclusively for the following purposes:

– processing your requests;

– offering and contracting certification services;

– marketing.

We do not send the data you provide to third parties unless required by the state authorities.


5. Revision of this policy

RIGCERT M.IKE may revise the present policy at any time. On this page you will find the current version of the confidentiality policy.


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Which are the components of the P-D-C-A cycle?
What represents a requirement determined as not applicable to the QMS as per ISO 9001:2015?
Which of the following can be considered post-delivery activities according to ISO 9001:2015?
What is the frequency for internal audits required by ISO 9001:2015?
Which of the following statements is true?

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1. What is the relation between environmental aspects and impacts?
2. Which statement is true according to ISO 14001:2015?
3. The corrective action is?
4. As per ISO 14001:2015 compliance obligations refer to:
5. For determining environmental aspects purposes, the life cycle of a product may include stages like:

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1. The occupational health and safety policy
2. What represents a “near-miss”?
2. OHSAS 18001 requires:
4. Which of the following statements is false?
5. As per OHSAS 18001 the health and safety of visitors to the workplace represents the responsibility of the organization?

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1. What represents the Statement of Applicability?
2. In case the same person is responsible for both initiating and approving specific transactions, what information security control is not respected?
3. In case the organization decides to outsource software development does it have any responsibility to monitor the activity of its subcontractor(s) in terms of information security?
4. The decision to accept a security risk represents an option for treatment?
5. What is the principle of independence related to internal audits referring to?